Deceased Fellows of IACS


The Fellows of the Academy are elected from nominations for established investigators, holding an academic rank of full professor or equivalent, in the fields of experimental and clinical cardiology or cardiovascular surgery. Senior administrators of cardiovascular research or highly acclaimed promoters of cardiovascular science in health and disease are also eligible for election. All Fellows of the Academy are entitled to use the designation of FIACS following their name.

There will be no more than 250 fellows at any given time.


Norman Alpert
Burlington, USA

Dr. Robert Beamish
Winnipeg, Canada

Dr. Colin Bloor
La Jolla, USA

Dr Jacques de Champlain
Montreal, Canada

Dr. Horacio E. Cingolani
La Plata, Argentina  

Dr. Jacques Genest
Montreal, Canada

Dr. Micheal L. Hess
Richmond, USA

Dr. Ruthard Jacob
Tubingen, Germany

Dr. Philip J. Kadowitz
New Orleans, USA

Dr. Osama Abdel Aziz
Cairo, Egypt

Dr. Gerald S. Berenson
New Orleans, USA

Dr. James B. Caufield
Birmingham, USA

Dr. Jean Davignon
Montreal, Canada

Dr. Adolfo J. de Bold
Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Wilbert J. Keon
Ottawa, Canada

Dr. Benedict R. Lucchesi
Ann Arbor, USA

Dr. Howard Morgan
Danville, USA

Dr. K. Gopal Nair
Bombay, India

Dr. Vijay K. Puri
Lucknow, India

Dr. Heinz Rupp
Marburg, Germany

Edson A. Saad
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Edmund H. Sonnenblick
Bronx, USA 

Dr. Yoshio Yazaki
Tokyo, Japan

Dr. Alexandre Fabiato
Richmond, USA

Dr. Norman K. Hollenberg
Boston, USA

Dr. Glenn A. Langer
Little River, USA

Prof. Nicholas Sperelakis
Cincinnati, USA

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