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About the International Academy of  Cardiovascular Sciences

Specific objectives of the Academy

To promote the scientific basis for the practice of cardiology and cardiovascular surgery by:

  1. Organizing cardiovascular teach-ins all over the world for the continued education of practicing physicians, surgeons and experimental cardiologists
  2. Establishing cardiovascular forums in all major cities of the world for increasing the interaction of clinical cardiologists as well as surgeons with basic scientists
  3. Setting up national offices of the Academy for coordinating its activities in different countries
  4. Cooperating with various national agencies in different countries concerned with the education of medical students, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows
  5. Collaborating with various national and international organizations dedicated to both clinical and experimental research in the area of cardiovascular sciences

To foster the exchange of information among cardiovascular scientists by:

  1. Establishing national and international networks of various centres and institutions for optimal utilization of resources
  2. Promoting exchange programs among different countries through respective governmental agencies
  3. Holding scientific symposia on focused topics of current interest
  4. Developing news bulletins highlighting different programs of cardiovascular centres and institutes all over the world
  5. Publishing cardiovascular journals, books and symposia proceedings as well as developing an interactive for promoting cardiovascular education

To increase public awareness with respect to cardiovascular health and disease by: 

  1. Making the general public aware of cardiovascular risk factors by holding public seminars and lectures
  2. Expressing views on cardiovascular issues through national and international media
  3. Cooperating with the national government, public and private agencies concerned with improving cardiovascular health and preventing cardiovascular disease

To recognize the achievements of cardiovascular investigators by: 

  1. Identifying established investigators of high reputation for awarding Fellowships of the Academy (not more than 250 at any given time)
  2. Awarding major prizes to distinguished scientists
  3. Selecting young talents for awards and travel grants

To raise funds from individuals and corporate sources for various programs of the Academy by:

  1. Naming symposia/workshops/seminars in cardiovascular sciences
  2. Making corporate members of the Academy
  3. Identifying patrons and supporters of the Academy

Our Objectives

Although great strides have been made in improving the death rate from heart disease, heart attacks and related problems are still the number one killer. The Academy believes that a fundamental problem is the lack of transmission of knowledge to the public. Research has found answers but the facts are too slow in moving beyond the labs.

The Academy, through world-wide representation, builds connectivity and encourages networking through traditional means of journals, texts and symposia, as well as consensus panels made up of advisory board members and other experts. The Academy continually pursues new information technologies which will result in more rapid and wider availability of the latest discoveries to help save lives.

Our Mission

To promote cardiovascular education of professionals and lay people and to recognize major cardiovascular achievement through-out the world.

Dr. Naranjan S. Dhalla

Dr. Naranjan S. Dhalla

Honourary Life President & Founder

Dr. Grant Pierce

Dr. Grant Pierce


Susan Hirst

Susan Hirst

Assistant to the President

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