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Mission of the North American Section

The general mission of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences (IACS) is to promote research, scientific education and interaction of scientists in the field of cardiovascular science. The North American Section of the IACS (IACS-NA) follows these general mission directions with special focus on scientists located within Canada and the United States of America.

Our objective is, first and foremost, to promote the scientific development and career aspirations of young cardiovascular scientists within these two countries. Trainees at the level of graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, residents, technical staff and junior faculty members are all particularly important to the IACS-North American Section.

Opportunities to speak at the annual IACS-NA meeting, and to compete for major awards recognizing their scientific accomplishments, are tangible evidence of the commitment of IACS-NA to their career development. Travel support for these scientists is also available.

The organization of an annual meeting to bring young and established cardiovascular scientists together in one venue is a critical activity for the IACS-NA. Through this event, IACS-NA accomplishes all of its mission goals: promotion of research, education of scientists, and interaction of scientists in the cardiovascular field. The creation each year of peer reviewed publications contributed by world class scientists attending this meeting in two official journals of the IACS (the Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology, and Current Research: Cardiology) is clear evidence of the promotion of cardiovascular science, and ultimately, the international delivery of research data to scientists globally. The annual meeting of the IACS-NA has also provided an important opportunity for world leaders in cardiovascular disease to educate the general public through media interviews and lectures specifically organized for the public at the meeting sites.

The world-wide distribution of the newsletter “CV Network” provides a complementary mechanism to insure both the general public and the cardiovascular scientific communities are fully aware of the latest events and progress in North America in the field of heart disease and heart disease research. Our mission at the IACS-NA, is to not only interact and educate those within North America, but to also help those throughout the world who would benefit from our expertise and experience in the cardiovascular field.

The involvement of IACS-NA scientists is substantial in the activities of other IACS sections within India, South America, Europe, Asia and the developing Caribbean region, through the delivery of the latest information on heart disease, its treatment and prevention. It brings the very best North American cardiovascular scientists to interact with those from around the world to not only educate, but develop international research collaborations of benefit to all involved.


Executive Council

Michael Czubryt
Winnipeg, Canada

Buddhadeb Dawn
Las Vegas, USA

Past President
Gary Lopaschuk
Edmonton, Canada

& Treasurer
Devendra K. Agrawal
Pomona, USA


Rushita Bagchi
Little Rock, USA

Ren-Ke Li
Toronto, Canada

Ali J. Marian
Houston, USA

Tami Martino
Guelph, Canada

Ravichandran Ramasamy
New York, USA

Finosh Thankam
Pomona, USA

Srinivas Tipparaju
Tampa, USA

Suresh Tyagi
Louisville, USA

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North American Section

Michael Czubryt
President, IACS North American Section

Devendra K. Agrawal
& Treasurer, IACS North American Section


Dr. Michael Czubryt

Dr. Michael Czubryt


Devendra Agrawal

Devendra Agrawal

Secretary-General & Treasurer

Buddadeb Dawn

Buddadeb Dawn


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