The importance of the 21st Annual Meeting of the South American Section of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences, which took place together with the 29th Scientific Forum – International Congress of Cardiovascular Sciences, at Hospital Meridional Vitória on October 20th and 21st, 2023, in the city of Vitória, ES, Brazil, was highlighted by its relevance in the advancement of cardiovascular science and medicine. The event was coordinated by Prof. Dr. Otoni Moreira Gomes, advised by Prof. Dr. Elias Kallás, and the local coordination of Prof. Dr. Elaine Gomes and Prof. Dr. Melchior Luiz Lima. Cardiovascular science and medicine have advanced significantly in recent years, with the development of new technologies and treatments. However, it is essential that these advances are disseminated and shared with the medical and scientific community, in order to promote improvements in the population’s cardiovascular health.

The meeting provided a conducive environment for the exchange of knowledge and experiences between health professionals, researchers and students, contributing to the advancement of cardiovascular science and medicine. The inclusion of medical students and young doctors in this process is extremely important, as they represent the future of medicine and are responsible for driving innovation and progress in the field. Furthermore, diversity and equity are essential to ensure that all healthcare professionals have equal access to learning and development opportunities. This includes including individuals from different ethnic, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds in clinical studies in order to ensure the validity and applicability of results. Furthermore, it is important that advances in cardiovascular science and medicine are accompanied by efforts to improve access to health care to ensure that all individuals have the opportunity to benefit from these advances.

Collaboration between institutions, such as the partnership between the Postgraduate Program in Physiological Sciences by the Laboratory of Myocardial Contractility and Vascular Reactivity Laboratory of Cardiac Electromechanics and Vascular Reactivity and the Laboratory of Cardiac Mitochondrial Metabolism of the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES), Brazil. This Educational Institution collaborates with: University of California Davis – UCDavis (Dr. Donald Bers); Florida State University (Dr. Maicon Landim-Vieira and Dr. Jose Renato Pinto); University of Illinois Chicago (Dr. John Solaro, Dr. Paulina Langa); Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, New Orleans (Dr. Kurt Varner); University of Cambridge (Dr. Mike Murphy); Federal University of Minas Gerais (Dr. Silvia Guatimosim) and UNICAMP (Dr. Ana Paula Davel).

During the event, scientific works and innovative research were presented, allowing participants to stay up to date with the latest discoveries and advances. The meeting also provided opportunities for networking and establishing partnerships between participants, which could lead to future collaborations and research projects. Holding this event contributed to improving the population’s cardiovascular health, as advances in global cardiovascular science and medicine were discussed and shared among participants, enabling the adoption of more effective practices in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

The International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences is an internationally recognized institution, which gives even more importance and relevance to the event held at Hospital Meridional Vitória. Through its scientific events, the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences contributes to the advancement of cardiovascular science and medicine. There was a positive impact on the local community, as it brought health professionals and researchers from different parts of the world to the city of Vitória, stimulating the local economy and promoting the city’s image as a center of excellence in health.

At its core, the International Scientific Forum is a testament to the bold vision of two leaders who believed in the power of global cooperation to drive advances in cardiovascular medicine. As we celebrate nearly three decades of this extraordinary journey, it is clear that the Forum will continue to be an inspiring beacon for future generations of scientists, guiding the way toward a deeper and more effective understanding of cardiovascular sciences.

Hospital Meridional Vitória
Vitória, ES – Brazil, October 20 – 21, 2023
Rua Desembargador José Fortunato Ribeiro, 30 – Mata da Praia, Vitória – ES, 29200-010, Espírito Santo, Brazil.